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Perocchi      Insurance Agency


Vehicle Air Bag Premium discounts for vehicles equipped with air bags. Hybrid Car Discount’

Car Insurance Discounts

We offer multiple discounts, you can get savings associated with your driving record, personal vehicle, employer, professional alliance, or group association.

                          Client Policy

                                        Multi Policy Discount

You’ll receive additional savings and security if you bundle your policies with us. Group discounts  Substancial discounts for over 14,000 Credit Unions, employers, alumni affiliations, groups such as: UMass, U.N.H, BJ’s, BAE, Raytheon, and more. Preferred Bill Pay Discount Use one of our automatic pay methods or choose to pay in full and you can enjoy specialized savings. New Client Vehicle Discount Receive savings on your premium when you add or change a car to your policy. Client Vehicle Low Mileage Get a discount when maintaining low mileage on your vehicle. Receive special savings when you purchase a environmentally friendly vehicle. Multi-Car Discount If you have multiple cars on the same policy, you’ll receive our multi-car discount which guarantees you’ll receive the best value and ensures you’ll lessen the difficulty of managing your policy. Other New Grad Discount Done with school, no problem you’re now eligible for savings on your new car. Newly Married Discount Newlyweds get some loving too, special savings for newly married couples. Newly Retired Special savings for those who have worked their whole lives, and are ready to retire.